• What Is DACODAI?

    February 21, 2024
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    The Defense Advisory Committee on Diversity and Inclusion (DACODAI) was formed in 2022. The committee’s website says it is to “examine and provide recommendations to improve racial/ethnic diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunity within the DoD [Department of Defense], with a primary focus on military personnel.”

    Sounds innocuous. However, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) ideology promotes a radical, un-American belief system. DEI promotes extreme ideas like America is a racist nation, that racism and white supremacy are widespread today, and that whites are oppressors and minorities are oppressed. The committee itself is not diverse. However, the need for DACODAI is questionable, as the DOD’s 2022 demographics report shows the military is extremely diverse, at or above national demographics for race and ethnicity. DACODAI’s own data publicized in December 2023 shows rates on all types of discrimination complaints are tiny fractions of a percent. Examples of military adoption of DEI..

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    Brent Ramsey

    Captain Brent Ramsey (ret.) served 30 years in the Navy and 23 years in Navy Civil Service including many years at CBC Gulfport where he was the Executive Director. He formerly served as Member/Secretary of the Military Advisory Group for Congressman Mark Meadows (NC-11) for 4 years. He currently serves on the Military Advisory Group for Congressman Chuck Edwards. He is on the Board of Advisors for the Center for Military Readiness and STARRS. He is a leader with Calvert Group. He provides media support for authors and produces podcasts for several venues. He writes extensively on defense matters.
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    oli gaudette

    The purpose of our military is to defend our our country NOT to have silly social
    experiments.Get rid of these commie idiots and their programs.GO NAVY

    Plato v2.0

    This is a waste of money, time and resources. The US Military is a disgrace under O'Biden and they should be ashamed to they are associated with real patriots! I know I'm done with all of them. The museums, the USO all of it! No more money from me. I will not have my name sullied by a bunch of crossdressing phaggots!


    its all the same whether it this nonsense or that nonsense
    the issue is not the issue. the issue is the revolution.

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