• How Do We Remove Chinese Para-Military Personnel Who Are In America?

    October 13, 2023
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    The advance force for invasion is already in America and more are coming.

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    America has a “little green man” problem right now. “Little green man” refers to the in-place agents that Russia has used in the past for invasions such as in Georgia in 2008 and Ukraine in 2014 and 2022. China has attempted to replicate this in Taiwan but a new national security law passed in December 2019 went a long way toward identifying and neutralizing this issue that dwelled in the legacy KMT political party.

    The invasion across the unsecure Southern Border is relentless and international terrorists and Chinese paramilitaries are using this to place the vanguard of their advance force for a deadly “summer of love” in 2024, far worse than what America experienced from the Chinese Communist Party aligned BLM and Antifa in summer of 2020.

    What do we do about this: Congress forces seven actions immediately upon the current Biden Team:

    1. Re-establish a more robust China Task Force led by the FBI: The craven Merrick Garland must be forced to do this or impeached.
    2. Secure the Southern Border: Suddenly the Biden Team likes walls. Force DHS to build the wall faster as a national security emergency. Regardless of progress, impeach Mayorkas.
    3. Shut down all Chinese influence operations immediately: All variations of these evolving, shape shifting efforts must be shut down - this includes land purchases, police stations, Confucius Institutes, front companies etc.
    4. Target all legal/illegal cannabis operations: Unlawful Chinese nationals have become omnipresent in cannabis production, all unlawful foreign nationals involved in these operations should be detained immediately.
    5. Designate the People’s Liberation Army “Strategic Support Force” a Terrorist Organization: This organization, led by General Ju is the Advance Force command overseeing the CCP “Little Green Man” operations worldwide which includes oversight and command and control of production and distribution of Fentanyl in Northern Mexico by the drug cartels. General Ju should be designated the Terrorist head of this group that is killing 10,000 Americans a month.
    6. Congress passes an Authorization to Use Military Force: Congress must force the Biden Team to act and make targeted, exemplar operations against the Strategic Support Force that is operating domestically and in Northern Mexico. A JDAM on a Strategic Support Force planning cell in Northern Mexico will make a dramatic teaching point for all parties.
    7. Establish a domestic detention center for all foreign nationals deemed to be Chinese Para-militaries or foreign terrorists: A holding center for questioning and processing for incarceration or deportation must be established. Even announcing this will have a dramatic impact on such nefarious individuals and many will self-deport in advance of actual implementation.

    This situation is a mortal danger to the American Constitutional Republic and a Presidential Declaration of Emergency is appropriate (while at the same time this whole Presidential Emergencies authority process has to be re-visited to purge most of these declared emergencies - they have been weaponized against the American people).



    John Mills (Col, USA, Ret)

    COL (Ret) Mills impacted history since the Cold War to our fight to save our Republic. www.TheNationWillFollow.com documents my fight against the Deep State. War Against the Deep State out this fall.
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    I don't need no teenage queen,I just need my M14.I like mine with a Leatherwood ART & a quick detatchable mount.


    The first step in removing these people is to STOP allowing the Left to flaut our laws. Deport illegal aliens. Punish officials who refuse to follow their charters and the law. We HAVE remedies in place...We've just surrendered. We allowed the DNC to decide they no longer need to CHANGE laws since they are free to ignore them.

    Mad Celt

    If you have to askthat question then you're dumber than I thought.


    Defund and eject all illegal alien criminal invaders no matter how long they have been in the Republic. Sooner not later. The New Democrat Bolsheviks set this in motion. The illegal aliens are already impacting health care and housing for American Citizens and causing a massive increase in crime. Among the Illegals- are Chinese M.S.S. Chuds force, Hamas, Russian Speznaz etc. Democrat party will own the terror attack when it comes.

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