• Is The Biden Regime Planning Military Rule? West Point Development Bodes Dark Times Ahead

    March 16, 2024
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    The recent article by VDare raises important points to be pondered about the motivation behind recent developments at West Point...

    Personally, I am equally concerned by the inversion of priorities between serving the Army and the Country/Nation. Are the Democrats planning military rule?

    This is not lightly asked. The Brownstone Institute’s The Hostile Takeover of the Air Force Academy, by Scott Sturman, February 9, 2024, relates:

    The transformation of the Air Force Academy (AFA) from a military institution to a progressive, liberal arts school has been incremental, relentless, and calculated. The goal to politicize the training and perspectives of cadets …guarantees a source of influential officers who will apply and promote these ideas throughout their military and civilian careers…

    What this extraordinary piece lays out is that the Air Force Academy has, for several years, been subjected to what can only be compared to the Bolshevization of Russian educational institutions after the 1917 takeover. Merit and technical competence have been subordinated to ideology and class/racial origin. Dissidence is harshly repressed.

    You can read the entire article here.



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