Major General Vallely Leads Effort Of International NATO Patriots To Bring Ceasefire To War In Ukraine

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April 29, 2023
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A press release was issued by the Patriots International Alliance, a group formed between Legacy National Security Advisory Group (LNSAG-US) and the Global Humanitarian Crisis Prevention and Response UNIT (UK), to host a summit to bring an end to the war in Ukraine.

You can read the entire statement below:

PIA Calls for an Urgent Ceasefire in Ukraine

A joint meeting was held in the United States on April 18-20, 2023, to discuss a
path to a ceasefire summit conference to end hostilities in the Ukraine – Russia

The meeting was between the Legacy National Security Advisory Group
(LNSAG-US) and the Global Humanitarian Crisis Prevention and Response

The meeting’s mission was to set forth a plan for both Russia and Ukraine, to
agree to a ceasefire and establish a basis for future negotiations. While, the two
sides for now may be far apart, the scope for peace rests heavily on a third party

The war in Ukraine is being overtly encouraged by NATO members, under the
flagship of both the United States of America and Great Britain. It is notable, that
there is a complete absence of any efforts from within NATO to promote
meaningful dialogue between Russia and Ukraine.

Such a state of affairs is, however, not a reflection of the sentiments from within
significant Patriotic sections of NATO. These patriotic factions are firmly in
opposition to the current actions of those in power.

LNSAG and UNIT formally launched the Patriot’s International Alliance (PIA)
as a platform for patriots from across the world to call for the cessation of the war
in Ukraine. The raising of unified voices of opposition from within NATO, is the
first step in the direction of a hopefully, peaceful resolution to the conflict.
The PIA is planning a conference in July 2023 at a location to be determined and
attended by the representatives of NATO, Ukraine and Russia to come together
and find a strategic path to a ceasefire.

PIA reinforces its call for the United States of America Great Britain and Russia,
to lead this effort.

Resolutions set forth by the PIA are as follows:

  1. Cease all forms of support (Military and Intelligence) to Ukraine immediately.
  2. Promptly, recall all US and UK nationals serving in any form in the territories
    of Ukraine.
  3. Cease all training of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) personnel by the
    United States of America and Great Britain.
  4. Initiate unconditional ceasefire talks between the Russian Federation and
    Ukraine througha) International Recognition of the grievances of the Russian Federation on
    the grounds of –
    i) Crimes committed against humanity in Donbas by the Armed Forces of
    Ukraine and other related agencies during the last decade.
    ii) The installation of US Department of Defence and its affiliated
    bioweapons laboratories in Ukraine as a threat to the national security
    of the Russian Federation.
    iii)Active intervention by the US and other NATO states in the internal
    politics of Ukraine to promote anti-Russian sentiments.
    b) Encouraging Ukraine to seek peaceful compromise with the Russian
    Federation to promote regional security.

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