• National Security: Biden’s Weaponized Migration Policy

    July 3, 2024
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    Treason In Plain Site

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    Guest post by Phillip J. Keuhlen

    Background: In September 2015 President Obama announced UN Agenda 2030 as the “U.S. Global Development Policy and Agenda 2030” creating a seismic shift away from development policy serving U.S. national interests. Instead of assistance policies focused on creating conditions where it was no longer needed, with recipients accountable for achieving results within their borders, U.S. assistance was committed to serve UN-defined objectives particularly Strategic Development Goal10.7“Facilitate orderly, safe, regular and responsible migration and mobility of people, including through the implementation of planned and well managed migration policies.”

    President Biden has been fully committed to that objective. Reflecting considerable preplanning, in his first month in office he revoked Trump era guidance aimed at securing the U.S. border and enforcing U.S. immigration laws. Biden actively transformed U.S. policy from managing immigration to opening borders to mass relocation of populations from less developed nations to the U.S., with costs borne by U.S. taxpayers. Mass migration was facilitated by three Biden Executive Orders issued in his first month in office that enhanced pathways for migration and broadened exercise of discretion in the asylum system (E.O.14010), encouraged mass migration, enhanced access to public services  at taxpayer expense, and reduced the numbers refused entry (E.O.14012), and expanded refugee resettlement programs (E.O.14013). 

    Under cover of Executive Orders President Biden and his appointees have abandoned any pretense of U.S. territorial sovereignty and replaced managed immigration with open borders. They deliberately and explosively expanded U.S.-facilitated mass migration to the US, expending billions of taxpayer dollars to accomplish it. Officials responsible for the security of the U.S. border and enforcement of immigration law have intentionally circumvented laws intended to limit, control, and regulate immigration and assure U.S. security.

    National Security Impacts: Under Biden’s policies encounters with PRC illegals (~ 145K) reported by Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) are up sharply. Over 86% were unaccompanied adults of military age.  That is the size of 9 U.S. Army Divisions, approximately 1/3 the manpower of our active-duty Army. We don't know where they are, since they were intentionally released into the interior on their own recognizance.  The CBP does not tabulate encounter statistics for any Islamic state, but from reports of illegals detained who are on terror watch lists, we know they occur and thus must be lumped into the “Other” statistical category. During Biden’s tenure that category includes over 651K individuals, with 80% similarly unaccompanied adults almost entirely caught, released, and not tracked.  Russian illegals are tabulated and there were 120K of them since FY 21, with 54% unaccompanied adults.

    Further examination of CBP public data shows that during each year of the Biden administration they intercepted about 3 shipments of explosives, 50 shipments of long guns and other weapons, 1200 shipments of handguns, and 300 shipments of ammunition that were inbound to the U.S. Although no data is published to estimate the number of undetected shipments, without doubt, like drug shipments, significant quantities of arms and munitions enter the U.S. illegally every year. Explosives loss and theft data published by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms are available only for the first two years of the Biden administration but show approximately 80 incidents of lost explosives and 3-4 incidents of explosives theft per year.

    These are not strawman risks. Almost a year ago the Wall Street Journal reported that during several previous years approximately 100 incursions had been detected by foreign nationals of hostile powers into sensitive U.S. military installations. Examples included the Army’s Fort Wainwright in Alaska, the Marine Corps’ 29 Palms Air Ground Combat Center, the White Sands Missile Test Facility in NM, and an Intelligence Center at the Key West Naval Air Station. Most of the penetrations reported were by Chinese nationals illegally present in the U.S. although Chinese diplomats, Russian, and other nationalities have also been acknowledged to have been apprehended. Some incursions have been reported using commercial drones.

    The pace of such probes, and the breadth, is expanding. In May of 2023 2 Jordanian nationals who were present illegally ran a gate at the base at Quantico, VA, home to several sensitive installations. Just last month 2 Chechen nationals were apprehended taking telephoto images of the home and children of a Special Forces Operator near Fort Liberty, NC. Even more recently the U.S. Fleet Forces Commander, Admiral Daryl Caudle, USN reported that Navy incidents alone had escalated to a volume of 2-3 per week. That is a single service annual number greater than the previously acknowledged all services multi- year total a year ago. Just days ago the NY Post reported on the arrest of 6 Tajikistan nationals with ties to ISIS. In the same report they noted that according to federal data the number of migrants caught at the southern border with suspected terror ties has jumped from 11 in the fiscal years 2017 through 2020 to 362 between fiscal years 2021 and April 2024.

    Taken together such data must be a significant portion of the reason why FBI Director Wray made headlines on March 12, 2024, stating that terrorist threats toward the US have reached a “whole other level.”

    These escalating breaches of homeland security are the direct, foreseeable result of President Biden’s pre planned subversion of statutorily managed immigration with facilitated mass migration. It is treason in plain sight. As commonly understood in law and the social sciences, ‘treason’ is a significant breach of the public trust owed by an official. The Biden weaponization of mass migration rises to the level of an impeachable act under the “other high crimes and misdemeanors” clause of Article II, Section 4, if not Article III, Section 3 of the Constitution. Three key elements are necessary for such offense to constitute treason:

    ·       an obligation of allegiance to the legal order, 

    ·       intent to violate that obligation, and

    ·       action to violate that obligation.

    Must we wait for an actual attack facilitated by their actions? The shoe fits: let the Biden Administration wear it.

    Phillip Keuhlen is a retired nuclear submarine Commanding Officer and nuclear industry senior manager. He writes on topics related to governance and national security. His work has appeared at American Greatness, Real Clear Defense, and the Brownstone Institute.



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    " The shoe fits: let the Biden Administration wear it."



    Multiple factors influencing border goings-on, including D.C. incompetence and possible treason. Money pressure. Come to the US, get free govt. cheese. Maybe a job. Cartrels moving people across la linea 15K A HEAD. Multiple NGO's organizing and pipelining people in, including hebrew-something. The Pope. Big Lettuce. Chain migration. Mismanagement of immigration controls and resources. Don't forget your billionaires. The mexican govt.


    The public voted for Obama and got exactly what they wished for. His agenda was to destroy the USA.

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