• Now West Point Is Graduating Beauty Queens

    May 30, 2024
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    Here’s the THIRD Beauty Queen from a military academy recently and to boot, she’s “committed” to DEI. We’re quite sure China, Iran, etc are quite happy for US military service academies to continue producing Beauty Queens instead of Warfighters.

    From a West Point grad:

    Have to wonder whether this is the type of warrior (social justice vs. military) West Point should be producing. Am all for the high intellect (per BG Betros’ “character and intellect” theme), but somewhere along the way apparently the DEI indoctrination took effect with 2LT Cooper. Wonder whether she is aware (and approves) of how many very high performing non-minorities (including women) were rejected (denied equal opportunity) by USMA in order to make room for marginally/poorly qualified diversity and RA candidates.

    Does anyone believe that social justice warriors will win our next war?

    But wait. We’re turning out professional athletes, too. https://www.westpointaog.org/news/hurtubise-20-makes-mlb-history-on-armed-forces-weekend/

    What is the Army’s ROI on these and other graduates like them?

    From the West Point AOG:

    Cooper ’23 Named Miss Michigan, Will Compete in Miss USA

    Alma Cooper ’23 was recently named Miss Michigan USA and will go on to compete for Miss USA this summer.

    Cooper graduated from West Point in 2023 and is currently a Knight-Hennessy Scholar completing a Master of Science degree in statistics-data science at Stanford University. She is the first active-duty Army officer to compete in the Miss Michigan USA competition.

    “We are thrilled to see LT Cooper ’23 representing the Academy well as a Knight Hennessy Scholar and now with her title as Miss Michigan!” said BG Shane Reeves ’96, Dean of the Academic Board at the U.S. Military Academy. “Join me in cheering on Alma as she gets ready to compete for Miss USA!”

    While at West Point, Cooper was a mathematical science major and focused her research on the Army’s recruiting crisis and the cost-benefit analysis of raising the allowed body mass index standards.

    Cooper interned with the Center for Army Analysis and is committed to elevating the voices of underrepresented minorities through diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

    She has traveled across the country with West Point’s Leadership, Ethics, and Diversity in STEM program, where she has led middle and high school students through ethical leadership discussions and taught STEM modules.

    Cooper also served as the President of Elevation, a West Point club whose mission is to empower high-performing minority students as they pursue academic enrichment opportunities and key summer leadership and received the 2023 Mathematical Association of America-Metro N.Y. Janet Liou-Mark Award.




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    Amy Williams

    Giving a President who hates the Military, and the USA, the Thayer Award, and now this?! It’s so frustrating to watch…


    She did not appear, in the photo, to be anything but an average looking girl.

    A “beauty” she is not……

    Another good reason why I will continue my practice of never again giving West Point anything of value !!

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