• Open Conflict Between Zelenskiy And Zaluzhny In Ukraine

    November 21, 2023
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    KYIV - We assess the situation in Ukraine as critical. The illegitimate governmental institutions and the government in Ukraine is falling out of reality and legitimacy. 

    President Zelensky warned Chief Commander Zaluzhny not to play political games, and he did it in his interview with The Sun. 

    According to a source familiar with the Presidential Administration, Zaluzhny hasn’t had meetings in the last two weeks with the Office of the President of Ukraine. Yermak assumed that Zaluzhny declared the war on the Office of the President.

    The conflict immediately sparked “foreign interventions” that Russian sources began to fuel in Ukraine calling for a “military coup” against Zelenskiy. It’s impossible to confirm any preparation for a military coup in Ukraine as of now. We continue to observe the situation. Our assessment is that the illegitimate regime of Zelensky+Yermak is crumbling and the government is in a state of agony, not the country. Please, do not confuse the government and the country in this situation in Ukraine.

    Following Zelensky's recent interview with the President's Office, dismissing claims that the conflict between Bankova and the Commander-in-Chief is a fabricated operation of the enemy “information operation” is no longer tenable. Our sources, dating back to September, revealed that Ermak holds Zaluzhny responsible for the counteroffensive's failure, prompting Zelensky to underscore the political dynamics at the frontline.

    Zelensky has urged Zaluzhny to refrain from engaging in politics, emphasizing that military involvement in politics during wartime hinders national unity. While acknowledging their right to do so, he sternly stated, "If [Zaluzhny] wishes to enter politics, he should refrain from leading in wartime. Managing a war with an eye on tomorrow's political or electoral landscape results in a politician's conduct on the front line, not that of a military leader. I firmly believe this is a significant error. Despite immense respect for General Zaluzhny and all battlefield commanders, a clear understanding of hierarchy prevails—one that cannot be fragmented into multiple tiers," the President asserted in an interview with The Sun.

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