• PIA Calls For An Urgent Ceasefire In Ukraine

    August 24, 2023
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    A joint meeting was held in the United States on August 22, 2023, to discuss a path to a ceasefire summit conference to end hostilities in the Ukraine–Russia conflict.

    The meeting was between the Legacy National Security Advisory Group (LNSAG-US), Alliance members, and the Global Humanitarian Crisis Prevention and Response UNIT (UK). PIA is a coalition of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) represented by the Legacy National Security Advisory Group (LNSAG) and the Global Humanitarian Crisis Prevention and Response UNIT (UNIT). These NGOs are taking a neutral position in the conflict. The continuing escalation must stop to prevent further loss of life destruction and avert worldwide catastrophe.

    The meeting’s mission was to set forth a plan for Russia and Ukraine to agree to a ceasefire and establish a basis for future negotiations. While the two sides, for now, may still be far apart, the scope for peace rests heavily on a third-party intervention.

    The war in Ukraine is being overtly encouraged by NATO members under the flagship of the United States of America and Great Britain. Notably, there is a complete absence of efforts from within NATO to promote meaningful dialogue between Russia and Ukraine.

    However, such a state of affairs reflects only some Western European members' sentiments. Factions are firmly in opposition to the current actions of those in power.

    LNSAG and UNIT formally launched the Patriot’s International Alliance (PIA) as a platform for patriots worldwide to call for the cessation of the war in Ukraine. Raising unified voices of opposition from within NATO is the first step toward a hopefully peaceful resolution to the conflict.

    The PIA is planning a virtual planning conference in late September 2023. We will seek influential country delegates to participate. It will be essential that US, Ukraine, and Russia delegates participate and come together to seek a strategic path to a ceasefire. A further meeting ceasefire conference in Malta will be planned later in the year. We request that interested country representatives and delegates notify PIA if their desire to attend, representing their countries.

    Objectives are:

    1. Complete withdrawal of troops on Russia’s border.
    2. Cease deliveries of all arms shipments, including fighter aircraft.
    3. Cease all training of Ukraine forces by the West.
    4. Continue all required humanitarian aid to Ukraine.
    5. Have peacekeepers from non-aligned countries maintain buffer zones.
    6. Russia will immediately halt all further advances in Ukraine.
    7. There will be a prisoner exchange in a monitored environment.
    8. Discuss the rebuilding of Ukraine and refugee resettlement.
      We do not take sides in this conflict but seek truth and peace. If the West does
      not want peace, what do they want? What does the West hope to accomplish
      by gathering troops along Russia’s border? Russia has assured the West they
      have no interest in lands west of Ukraine, but they will defend their borders with
      everything at their disposal. They have done it before.
      Observations of the current environment:
    • Western nations appear unmotivated to bring about peace in Ukraine.
    • The West has distorted the actual situation and continues misinforming
      the public regarding their endgame. The West refuses to see Russia’s
      position in this war.
    • Poland has designs on western Ukraine and lands that now constitute
      present-day Belarus and Western Ukraine.
    • It is apparent Ukraine's so-called counter-offensive has ground to a halt.
      Further hostilities are bringing on a humanitarian crisis and near-total
      destruction of the country.
    • Ukraine and the West portray Ukraine with a formidable standing army.
      Despite all the financial and military weapons and ammunition supplies,
      they have weakened force.
    • They pretend that Russia is barely hanging on themselves…untrue. Russia
      waits for Ukraine to show some semblance of common sense.
    • The Biden Administration and NATO continually talk of democracy and the
      security of Europe when they are interested in neither. They want to
      diminish Russia as a military power and remove Putin as a punishment for
      not going along with the New World Order.
    • Old Soviet satellite countries smell blood in the water and want revenge
      for Soviet atrocities from a nation that no longer exists, while others like
      Denmark want revenge for wars as far back as the Napoleonic Wars.
    • The World Economic Forum, The UN, The IMF, and other globalist
      ‘stakeholders’ are calling the shots. They want to diminish the militaries
      of the United States, NATO, and Russia to hasten their global coup, The
      New World Order.
    • Acting Deputy Secretary of State Victoria "Torie" Nuland is using the
      conflict to resurrect what appears to be an old family feud. Her father
      emigrated from Tzarist Russia, which is now Ukraine. Nuland has a
      fervent, personal animosity toward Russia. We need to announce loud
      and clear that we do not need to resurrect ancient history and resume
      those old conflicts or personal family feuds in the 21st century.
      Resolutions set forth by the PIA are as follows:
    1. Cease all forms of support (Military and Intelligence) to Ukraine immediately.
    2. Promptly recall all US and UK nationals serving in any form in the territories
      of Ukraine.
    3. Cease all Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) personnel training by the United
      States of America and Great Britain.
    4. Initiate unconditional ceasefire talks between the Russian Federation and
      Ukraine througha. International Recognition of the grievances of the Russian
      Federation on the grounds of –
      i. Crimes committed against humanity in Donbas by the Armed
      Forces of Ukraine and other related agencies during the last

    ii. The installation of the US Department of Defence and its
    affiliated bioweapons laboratories in Ukraine as a threat to the
    national security of the Russian Federation.
    iii. Active intervention by the US and other NATO states in the
    internal politics of Ukraine to promote anti-Russian
    b. Encouraging Ukraine to seek peaceful compromise with the Russian
    Federation to promote regional security.

    Contacts for Further Information:
    LNSAG -
    Laura Perry: Phone: +1 406 206 5301
    UNIT -
    Press Contact - [email protected]
    Phone: +44 782 585 4322

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