• REPORT: Army Chaplain School Mandates Harmful Masking - Some Students Refuse

    February 17, 2024
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    Terminal CWO reported on his Telegram channel recently that the U.S. Army Institute for Religious Leadership, otherwise known as the 'Chaplain School', has mandated masking for all students.

    Chaplain school is making the students mask up. I’ve had a number of students contact me and tell me a captain came in and told them he was giving them a lawful order to put their masks on. The NCOIC showed up afterwards and told them to mask up. 

    I’m being told there are personnel in the class that are refusing though. Keep in mind that a mask is still a medical device, and it hasn’t been FDA approved, therefore it is still an unlawful order to make a service member wear one.

    Multiple reputable studies have been released in the last year showing masks to not work to stop transmission, and are harmful to those wearing them, as bacteria and other pathogens are cultivated and ingested into the respiratory system of the individual wearing it.

    AFP will be reporting more on this story as it develops...

    The comments are lit on Facebook...



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    Donald Lamb

    "Markinson is gone. There is no Markinson"

    Richard W Schulze

    U.S. Military...land of the quad-jabbed trannies.

    Bob Brown

    Clinton, Obama, and Biden all destroyed our fighters as much as they could. These were a Communist, a homosexual African Marxist, and a worthless political hack. Our puppet government in Ukraine, like our other puppets surrounding Russia, wants to start WW3.. Anyone who thinks Russia lets foreigners dominate them has forgotten the lessons of Napoleon and Hitler. Ever since the Mongol Golden Horde, Russia hasn't trusted foreigners. Hell, the Bolshevik Revolution was staged from New York City.

    Robert Travis

    No choice but to rebel

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