• SecDef Austin Didn't Transfer Power In Hospital Because He Is Trusted Accomplice In Take Down Of America

    February 18, 2024
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    Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin did not transfer power as required during his recent hospital stay for serious illness.

    The question we need to unpack is -- why?

    Let's lay out some facts, not opinion, shall we?

    1. Austin maniacally pushed the vaccine on all of the U.S. armed forces and refuses to admit to this day the horrific side effects -- massive death and disability. He is lying about the vaccines. For this reason, recruitment has plummeted, seriously weakening our nation.
    2. Austin has incorporated aggressively the Maoist doctrine of DEI into the U.S. Armed Forces. The consequence of this behavior is the weakening of America's defense.
    3. Austin has pushed the transgender agenda on the Dept of Defense. This weakens American military strength.
    4. Austin has gleefully supported the expenditure of American armaments and treasure in Ukraine, seriously weakening the ability of the nation to respond to a military crisis.

    The reason Austin could not transfer power during his illness is this -- he is a trusted accomplice in the take down of America, and did not want to give any other individual the reigns of power.

    The cabal desperately attempting to prosecute and close on a coup against the United States can't afford to take a chance -- that someone else might not be so loyal to America's domestic enemies.

    It's as simple as that.

    And I don't believe for a minute 'The White House didn't know' he was in the hospital.

    I think they probably directed his behavior.

    The false narratives are very easy to spot now.



    L Todd Wood

    L Todd Wood, a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, flew special operations helicopters supporting SEAL Team 6, Delta Force and others. After leaving the military, he pursued his other passion, finance, spending 18 years on Wall Street trading emerging market debt and was a national security columnist for The Washington Times. He is also founder/publisher of CDM and editor-in-chief of Tsarizm.com. For more information about L. Todd Wood, visit LToddWood.com.
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    Amy Williams

    Sounds extremely plausible!

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