• SOURCE: Russians May Use Tactical Nuclear Device In Ukraine In Coming Weeks

    May 28, 2023
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    Russian Armed Forces Iskander-K TEL 9P78-1
    Image by Boevaya mashina

    This story is developing…

    A trusted source within the Ukrainian national security establishment told Tsarizm that the Ukrainian leadership believes Russia is planning to use a tactical nuclear device in the Ukraine war in the coming weeks, as the West prepares for it’s ‘spring offensive’ to retake Crimea and Donbass, lost to Russian forces since 2014.

    Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland recently reported stated the much-discussed offensive has been in the planning stages for five months.

    Tsarizm has had a reporting team on the ground in Ukraine for a decade and we have been proven right on most early reporting that we decide to print. We don’t post clickbait.

    More to come on this story.

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    Wouldn't the use of tactical nukes in Ukraine blow back onto the Russians with radioactive fallout descending on them, their troops, and then onto their lands (both in Eastern Ukraine and in adjoining Russian lands) ??

    How would use of a tactical nuke be helpful to the Russians in gaining and holding territory when it would also prevent operations in the area subjected to ground accumulated radiation ??


    Putin is stupid, but not so stupid as to use a nuke in Ukraine.


    Of course. Obvious western nations to blame for another false flag if any such british faggotry ensues. 40% of westerners may believe it with all the parroting from cnn nyt etc but would india & china believe it? Zero chance, and without india and china, the usa has nothing.


    Good for the Russians.

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