• Structure Of Naval Coalition Task Forces In Middle East

    December 5, 2023
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    We're excellent at Command and Control, we just need more hulls to command and control

    Structure Of Naval Coalition Task Forces In Middle East

    If nothing else, the U.S. Military is still the master of command and control structures and relationships. It is grand, operational art not matched by the Chinese. The Chinese mimic the efforts with partners like Venezuela or Iran or Zimbabwe, but they are going through the motions and everyone is play acting without knowing what they are doing.

    Effectively integrating partner nations into these Coalition Task Forces is pure wizardry. CJSOTFs (Coalition Joint Special Operation Task Forces) or JIATFs (Joint Inter-Agency Task Forces) or a dozen other arrangements is second nature to most joint qualified officers at the O-5 level and above who now must become JPME (Joint Professional Military Education) qualified, over and above their SSC (Senior Service College, i.e. War College) diplomas. Much of this command and staff expertise in the American military started with the legendary 3rd and 5th Fleet in the Second World War dual sharing of the same ships so that one command and staff would sail the ships in action while the other command and staff structure would plan the next phase of the war and then they would swap. Absolutely brilliant

    The only challenge is in today’s environment with the dwindling U.S. Navy, the Chinese arson campaign is outpacing our ability to leverage our operational art advantage. We simply need more ships, tanks, and units to command and control. Meanwhile, the “W” word is greatly diminishing our operational art advantage (Wokeness). We must rid ourselves of this “W” drag coefficient.

    Please see the list below of the five different command structures playing whack a mole with the Chinese directed, Iranian implemented Tanker War spilling across a broad swath of the Middle East and Indian Ocean.

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    John Mills (Col, USA, Ret)

    COL (Ret) Mills impacted history since the Cold War to our fight to save our Republic. www.TheNationWillFollow.com documents my fight against the Deep State. War Against the Deep State out this fall.
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