• They Just Martyred Donald Trump

    May 31, 2024
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    Guest post by George Mcclellan

    Who is not surprised that Donald Trump was just convicted of how many was it, 34 felonies in a NY Court on flimsy misdemeanor charges that expired years ago? In a single instant, Joe Biden’s Leftist Progressive government has thrown away America's moral authority to speak ill of how other governments perform. For Americans, it has proven that Justice no longer applies and that this evil regime of Joe Biden must, in the end, be destroyed. But that’s how the Left thinks. Throw mud, dirt, false accusations, and lies at their most serious challenger; maybe something will stick. The hutzpah of Joe Biden telling America that “Nobody is above the Law “is dangerous because he can’t visualize his neck in the noose. Those criminals will pay! Already MSNBC, CNN, PBS, et al., are clinking glasses of champagne over Trump's conviction and will be telling anybody who watches: “See, we told you so!” Beware, there is a conspiracy to take over America, and it’s no longer a theory. Donald Trump and MAGA Americans are not the conspirators; the Deep State uniparty is.

    This trial, a blatant attempt to remove Donald Trump as a presidential candidate in the eyes of American voters, has backfired. It has only solidified his support and likely ensured his re-election. These are ignorant people, communists, who believe they can manipulate public opinion at will. Most Americans outside of Yale, Harvard, and other Ivy League graduates haven’t been so indoctrinated yet, and they don’t understand corruption when they see it. We’ve watched too many Perry Mason, Lincoln Lawyer, and other courtroom drama shows not to know how the rascally DA needs a conviction and will lie, cheat, and steal ´to get it. Our support for Donald Trump, a true American patriot, must remain unwavering in the face of these attacks. We stand united against these political games and in defense of our democracy.

    As Americans, we must confront the grave threat our democracy is facing. When a great American president, whose achievements far surpass anything the current incumbent was even marginally capable of, is viciously attacked by a pack of braying political dogs, it's a clear sign that our democracy is under siege. Higher courts will undoubtedly correct the miscarriage of justice dispensed to Donald Trump, but how will Judge Juan Merchan explain his legacy to history? I suspect he’ll have a long and uneventful career, rarely interrupted by further promotion. Look what such fuzzy thinking did to Merrick Garland. He’s not on the Supreme Court, is he? We must not let our democracy be undermined by these political games.

    Another thing this exercise in extra-judicial proceedings has revealed is that DEI and George Soros have littered the American landscape and us with operating fools, mediocre aspirants to higher office who haven’t a lick of sense about how the law works, the rights of the accused to defend himself, to bring witnesses in his defense and speak freely about his condition while they concoct their evidence. This high-profile Soviet-style show trial of President Donald Trump reeks of corruption. The instructions provided to the jury by Judge Merchan and the gag order have been scrutinized by far better legal experts than those who conducted this trial. The intense public interest generated by the Legacy Media has exposed for all to see the corruption extant in the NY court systems, proving that no one who falls into their grasp, even on the flimsy of evidence, has a chance to defend themselves unless they’re a black shoplifter of course, a victim of white slavery.

    Will the judge's instructions to the jury, telling them that unanimity on specific crimes was not required for conviction in his court, escape censure by the Bar Association? How does Judge Merchan brush aside the standards of proof as unrelated? What was the underlying felony that found Donald Trump in the legal hot seat? There wasn’t one, so one had to be created, to wit: Violations of federal campaign finance law; falsification of bank records or tax forms; and violation of city, state, and federal tax laws by providing false or fraudulent information on tax returns, regardless of whether it resulted in underpayment of taxes or not, they were all misdemeanors previously considered and ignored by Federal Attorneys years ago, so why did they show up now. Because Donald Trump is about to beat Biden for re-election, they couldn’t take the chance of him winning. Instead, make him a martyr. I’m telling you, we’re dealing with these foolish people here. This quote from Judge Merchan sums it up: “Although you must conclude unanimously that the defendant conspired to promote or prevent the election of any person to a public office by unlawful means, you need not be unanimous as to what those unlawful means were.” Short version to the jury: “You will convict him!” And they did! Now the real show starts. If the NY judicial system tries to jail Donald Trump, I see that as a precursor to bloodshed. I’ve said often enough, remember, freedom is the goal, and the Constitution is the way. It’s time to protect Donald Trump to Make America Great Again.



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    You'll pardon some criticism from a civilian patriot, but where were you guys when the election was stolen in 2020?
    Those of us who know little of the arts of war were waiting for the vets (who promised time and time again they would act if tyranny raised its ugly head) to show us the way to help.
    All we got was *crickets*
    Here's another opportunity for you to guide us back to a just, free republic.
    Will it be *crickets* again?
    How far over the cliff does this country have to go?

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