• U.S. Sends Hydra 70 Rockets To Ukraine For First Time As Part Of $300 Million Aid Package

    May 6, 2023
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    This week, the White House released the details of its latest $300 million defense aid package for Ukraine, which will be pulled from already existing, although dwindling, Pentagon stockpiles. This package includes the Hydra-70 rocket for the first time. The rockets are unguided missiles that are usually air-to-ground and fired from an aircraft.

    Also authorized for this package were more artillery rounds and projectiles for HIMARS rocket systems as well as additional Howitzers.

    Hydra-70 rockets are described by defense manufacturer General Dynamics which produces them as “a lethal and lightweight weapon system with multi-mission capability.”

    General Dynamics also refers to the Hydra-70 rockets as a “tailor-made solution” as they can use 9 different warheads. The unguided missiles are also an affordable option for zeroing in on “lower-value targets on the battlefield,” according to the manufacturer.

    They can be fired from Apache helicopters and F-16 fighter jets. The rockets are also the world’s most commonly used helicopter-launched weapon system.

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    While Ukraine has continued to request F-16s from the U.S., Washington has continued to hold out on providing them, which indicates that the Hydra-70 rockets will most likely be launched from helicopters in Ukraine.

    Below is a full list of the weapons in the most recent package:

    • Additional ammunition for HIMARS
    • 155mm Howitzers
    • 155mm artillery rounds
    • 120mm, 81mm, and 60mm mortar rounds
    • Tube-Launched, Optically-Tracked, Wire-Guided (TOW) missiles
    • AT-4 and Carl Gustaf anti-armor weapon systems
    • Hydra-70 aircraft rockets
    • Small arms and small arms ammunition
    • Demolition munitions for obstacle clearing
    • Trucks and trailers to transport heavy equipment
    • Testing and diagnostic equipment to support vehicle maintenance and repair
    • Spare parts and other field equipment

    Meanwhile, Ukraine has become bolder with its use of drone strikes to target Russian infrastructure with several attacks over the past 24 hours not only taking out several oil refineries for logistical purposes, but also an attack on the Kremlin, which Russian officials have claimed was an assassination attempt against President Putin.

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