• Ukraine Experiences Transport Blockade At Polish Border - Slovakia Joins In Blockading Ukraine

    November 22, 2023
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    KYIV – After 2 weeks of warnings to Ukraine to stop the transport-export-import trade war, the Polish government decided to initiate a blockade on the Ukrainian border in order to stop the dumping export out of Ukraine. As we wrote previously in our article “Black Swan and Duck effect” the Ukrainian government decided not to care and increase the tensions against all neighboring countries on the East of Ukraine.

    As of today, Slovakia joined the transport blockade blocking all transport customs point on the borders of Ukraine.

    Now Poland and Slovakia are jointly blockading Ukraine. This is not what is expected during a war. This is not an act of friendship. This is worse than economical war. These are acts of hostility against Ukraine imposed by the governments of Poland and Slovakia. We can’t blame Slovakia and Poland for this. Apparently, the customs office and the government of Ukraine do not wish to negotiate or listen to the requirements from the neighbors, hence, the blockade.

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