• Ukraine Parliament Votes To Send Mentally Ill, Sick Soldiers To Front Lines

    September 3, 2023
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    KYIV – According to the new law in Ukraine approved by Parliament almost all men will be drafted into the war. Our sources in Ukraine told us about some radical cases where their friends were drafted into the army having various health problems with body, heart, eyes, etc. There are extreme cases told when men lacking hands or legs were mobilized or people with some disability were mobilized. Also, it us reported that people with bad eye sight are also mobilized.

    Looking at the list of illnesses allowed for soldiers starting from August 25th we would like to question what will mentally ill people do in the army?

    According to the UNIAN news agency, a state-operated news agency:

    Ukraine will mobilize men with limited serviceability.

    The corresponding list of diseases for assessing the fitness of military personnel was updated by the Ministry of Defense by decree:

    Now everyone will be suitable for “controversial” illnesses. They are listed below.

    • 2-c – clinically cured tuberculosis
    • 4-c – viral hepatitis with minor dysfunction
    • 5-v – asymptomatic HIV
    • 13-c – diseases of the endocrine system with minor dysfunctions
    • 14-c – mild short-term painful manifestations of mental disorders
    • 17-c – neurotic, stress-related and somatoform disorders (phobic, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive, adaptive, somatofort and other neurotic disorders, neurasthenia, reactions to severe stress) with moderate, short-term manifestations
    • 21-c – slowly progressive diseases of the central nervous system
    • 22-c – episodic and paroxysmal disorders

    Partially suitable will be suitable for a specific military specialty. The decision will be taken by the Medical Drafting Committee.

    Health requirements for paratroopers and marines have been simplified. Some of the military, who were previously recognized as unfit for service in the landing force, will now be suitable for such service.



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