• Ukrainian NGO Puts Out 'List' Of Americans Who Want To End Ukraine War Aid

    June 9, 2024
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    A Ukrainian NGO has put out a 'list' of enemies which include American citizens who want to end U.S. aid to Ukraine. The founder of the NGO is allegedly trained by the U.S. government.

    "This is insane. A Ukrainian NGO just put out an enemies list that includes US citizens. This list blames us for Ukraine’s issues on the battlefield."

    "The founders name is Anatoly Bondarenko and he was trained at the State Dept’s “TechCamp”. Now he’s using that training to target US citizens with an enemies list," writes Robby Starbuck on X.

    "The NGO also received US funds. This is beyond unacceptable. Not only are we being forced to fund a meat grinder killing countless young men and women when peace could’ve been attained but now that country that’s been taking our money has a group targeting US citizens AND the US government trained their founder!"



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    No, you're being blamed for wanting to cut off aid to Ukraine. Simple as that.

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