• ANALYST: Ukraine Embedding ISIS Fighters In Azov Units

    October 11, 2023
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    French intelligence operative Thierry Laurent said today on the podcast Ukraine SitRep by Armed Forces Press that Ukraine is embedding ISIS fighters in Azov units fighting Russian forces in Donbass, as Ukraine is running out of men to be recruited and fight.

    Laurent reiterated what CDM has already reported that the Ukrainian government is now attempting to recruit elderly, women, mentally ill, and medically impaired people to the front.

    "ISIS fighter are complaining on Telegram channels in Ukraine that Zelenskiy is receiving weapons from Israel," reported Laurent.

    You can watch the entire video below:

    Below a Muslim fighter complains of Ukraine support from Israel, and Zelenskiy support for The Jewish State.

    “The Palestinians are trying to take back their land. Ukrainian leaders called them terrorists and supported Israel. If Palestinians are terrorists, then so are Ukrainians. We have shed blood, died, lost limbs, and in gratitude you support terrorists. You have to think a little."

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    Interesting. Nazism and Islam have cooperated before. There were entire Islamic Nazi units in the German army in WWII.

    C Josef D

    Getting weapons from Israel? Or is it our backdoor to get weapons to Ukraine through Israel?

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