• Ukraine, A Country Of Misery: How To Find More Troops For Bloodshed

    August 12, 2023
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    KYIV – More and more people in Ukraine understand the war in Ukraine doesn’t bring anything to them, except family misery. The defense of the country and a territory that has been bought by the oligarchs doesn’t make sense to men who are able to think adequately.

    Let’s check today’s news from President Zelenskiy:

    Source: Zelensky Telegram channel

    Zelensky will resolutely dismiss all regional military commissions.

    “In total, there are already 112 criminal proceedings against TCC officials, 33 suspicions.

    “Warriors who have passed the front or cannot be in the trenches because they lost their health, lost their limbs, but kept their dignity and do not have cynicism – it is to them that you can entrust this system of assembly,” said the president.

    He also noted that Chief Executive Officer Zaluzhny should implement this decision. “Before the appointment of new heads of the TCC, there will be an inspection by the SBU.”

    Glavkom Zaluzhny is recommended to appoint officials who took part in hostilities to the positions of regional military committees — Zelenskiy said, according to the results of the NSDC meeting.

    And, “Law enforcement officers were recommended to take additional measures to combat corruption in the TCC.”

    How do this work?

    Apparently, there is a shortage of troops in the Ukrainian army because more and more KGB-styled declarations “everybody should go to the war” are sounded by the maggots of President Zelenskiy. 

    STEP 1

    First, they find somebody that is not a government official, that person declares his opinion “everybody has to go to the war and be mobilized”. 


    “In the end, you will have to serve almost all Ukrainians.” – Taras Chmut

    The head of the “Come Back Alive” foundation said the military needs rotation and rest: “This is now a total problem – people who spent an hour and a half in the trenches physiologically need to be restored. And in order to do this, they need to be replaced by someone.”

    Editorial note: Taras Chmut is a grant-eater volunteer, a partner of another grant-eating volunteer, who obtained financing from local oligarchs, that in turn is under investigation by local state security prosecutors and international prosecutors.

    The news is being copied by the media controlled by Zelenskiy, Kolomoisky and media controlled from the USA.

    If the population and opposition do not react, they follow up with Step 2.

    STEP 2 

    Then the government official denies such news:


    STEP 3 The government declares something similar, less extent, that is viewed by the population by lesser evil or less problem.


    1. The opposition in Ukraine has been destroyed by the orders of President Zelenskiy and his close circle.
    2. The parliament is totally under control of the President Zelenskiy.
    3. The unconstitutional draft and the war continues with no visible success.
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